5 - school tour in High Level Alberta. Rainbow Lake, Spirit of the North, Rocky Lane, Fort Vermillion, High Level High school

This week I toured 5 schools in the area of High Level. It is a very remote location and they don't get a lot of guest speakers. Because of their location the resources for the students are few and far between. As I told me story of struggle with mental illness and how I have learned to cope with my depression and anxiety I could see the looks in the faces of many of these students and knew that they understood exactly what I was talking about.  I was very proud to speak/perform at these schools and met these amazing kids. I was received with nothing but respect and kindness and I want to thank all of you for treating me so well! You are all amazing! Thank you to Kevin Smeltzer with Alberta Health Services for organizing the tour for me and being our tour guide!! :)) 


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