HASS - Health Active Schools Symposium

Yesterday i was honoured to be invited to EMCEE the HASS event in Edmonton. It was my first time EMCEE'ing and I was a little frightened, not gonna lie! And aside from the mispronunciation of a few school names (sorry guys!) I think it went pretty well. It was great to see kids represented from so many schools with some really great topics.

In addition to being EMCEE I was also a guest speaker and performer. I got to speak to a room full of Jr. High and Sr. High school students to share my story of struggle, perseverance and triumph over mental health and discuss how music became my life line and how it provided me with healing. At the end of the day I was to sing one of my originals; however, due to technical difficulties (live performances NEVER go off without a hitch!) We had to settle with playing my youtube video because track wouldn't play, darn! 

All in all it was a great day and it was even better to hear from some of the students who sent emails, inboxed me and left message on my youtube account. You all rock! 

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