Recording with Rob Nash

Recently I was asked by Robb Nash to record harmonies and background vocals on one of his songs. So this past Monday I flew to Vancouver to join him in the recording studio. We had such a blast. This You know when you meet people, especially celebrities and they are super nice and funny, do ever wonder if they are just putting on a show? I mean is it really them or are they just putting on their "game" face for their fans? Well I can tell you Robb Nash is the real deal. He is hilarious and as genuine as they come. He really does put others ahead of himself. He really does want to help and he really does care. He has been an inspiration to me and has done so much for me. Like inviting me to join him on stage for We Day - Manitoba and now recording a song with him. Not only that but his band learned my song "I See Everything" and put a rock spin to guess what? yep! we recorded my vocals to his arrangement of my song while I was in Vancouver. You have to check this guy out. He is an amazing person doing his part to change how the world views youth mental illness. Thanks for everything Robb Nash

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