Vernon Barford School

Today was a tough day. On my way to my presentation I had a panic attack. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to speak today, but I hung in there because this is important and I needed to share my story.  The educators and the kids were counting on me. it was hard because I did three presentations back to back. Sharing my story is emotionally taxing but doing three in a row was exhausting and takes it's toll. I am so glad I made it through my presentations. It was an honour of speaking at Vernon Barford School. In all I spoke to about 800 students today. It was a great day and there were so many great questions, I think we really got some of the kids thinking about their mental health. Although exhausting it was a very rewarding day. Thank you to the teachers and the students at Vernon Barford for making me feel so welcome! 

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