Dino Rock Show - interview

Check out my interview with Fred Zeppelin, The Wizard and Robert Habkirk on the Dino Rock Show 

The Dino Rock Show - Shay's interview

Dino Rock is extremely pleased to present a live visit with another fantastic Edmonton musician. Fred Zepp and The Wizard invite indie female vocalist and inspirational speaker Shay Esposito to share her story and her music! Shay has been working on her voice from the early age of 4, and you need to hear it to believe it. With all original music written from the heart, Shay holds nothing back emotionally or vocally. We are honored to be the first to bring her live to the airwaves, so check out the interview and three songs from her new EP "Sunday". 

But there's more! We also have a sweet collection of down home rock and roll recorded live at the Alice Hotel in Camrose. Jordan Leden hosted a live jam night that brought a ton of people in from the cold to warm their ears up, and we bring you a reminder of why it never hurts to go on a road trip if there's live music at the end of the journey. Big Smoke Revival performs and backs up some wicked local talent. And there's EVEN MORE!

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